the science behind the appliance.

We detect faults with your appliances, before they happen.

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How does it work?

Our solution is quite literally, PLUG and play!
Step 1

Connect our smart plug to your machine.

Insert the SERVICEPLUG in between the socket and the appliance.
Step 2

Instantly connect with your customers.

Directly engage with your end users in real time with our supplied dashboard. Perform market research, R&D, schedule services, detect faults , upsell other SDA products and much more with
Step 3

Fault detected.

With over 60M events harnessed every day, we can literally here a 'digital' pin drop. When a fault is detected we automatically send push notifications to you and your customers.
Step 4

Call outs / Scheduled maintenance.

A Scheduled call out will take place, before the machine has even broken down!

Our offer to you...

White Label / Own Brand

Our turn key solution has been built with over 40,000 developer hours and can be fully white labelled allowing your company to 'Buy not build' at an incredible cost advantage.

Customer Interaction

Building relationships with your customers can be hard, especially if you're not present at the point of sale. Our technology will help you bridge the gap.

Extending Appliance Lifespan

We can detect faults ahead of time allowing you to take action sooner.

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Extended Warranty

Claim an extended warranty when you connect your applainces (Washing machine, dishwasher, drier & fridge) to your manufacturer.

Real Time Notifications

Wash Cycles
Overload Protection
Maintenance Info
Cost per wash
Tips & Tricks

Your Usage

Lower your electricity bill with useful insights based on your individual consumption. Know the exact cost of your next wash.

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We're working with.

Significantly reduce the costs to your organisation.

visulaise KPI's from Sales, marketing, research, customer service, parts, warranty, service engineers - every department benefits from our platform.