Case Studies



The Problem

99% of large home appliances around the world are not connected to the internet; they are "dumb" appliances, and theres a lot of them - billions in fact.

Instead of the generally accepted sales process in their industry of Distributor to Consumer (whereby the manufacturer never interacts with the consumer), Electrolux wanted something a little different, they wanted to get to know their end user.

MYMA was approached to see how we could help this goal be reached - we did that and then some. A retrofit solution to plug into the back of any Laundry machine, it would capture the historical energy data of that machine and using our advanced machine learning, would convert that raw data into the same information you'd recieve if you had a smart washing machine. Users would be notified when an active load had finished, how much it had cost, how to make their machine last longer and so much more. The gathering of all this data would allow Electrolux to maintain a personal connection to their customers, notifying them when it is time for maintenance and how they can save money with their washing machine.


Our Solution

MYMA provided a turn key solution for Electrolux. We licenced our cloud, our hardware (from WIFIPLUG) and our apps and charged a simple monthly SAAS fee for the data. The onboard energy monitoring module inside our hardware and our advanced machine learning in our cloud, allowed us to detect when a wash had begun and when it ended. During this period, wash duration and energy consumption is recorded and displayed in the simply and easy to use app - we provided a shop, push notifications and customer service solutions for their customers.


The Final Result

Introducing Laundry Life

Introducing Laundry Life for iOS and Android. Laundry Life requires an Electrolux smart plug (produced by WIFIPLUG) to function. Please get in touch for more details.