Manufacturer Benefits

Your brand, your customers, our platform.


Building your customer relationships.

Are your appliances sold through distributors, do you only ever engage with a customer when they are dissatisfied? Talk to your customers in real time using the myma dashboard, allowing you to build brand loyalty like never before.

Understanding your end user.

To market to a consumer, you must first know who your consumers are. Long gone are the days of online surveys and spam emails, with myma you can gauge your consumer demographics in minutes!

Self-servicing - it works for everyone!

We guarantee to extend the lifespan of machine- that's a fact you want your customers to know!

Big Data.

Take your R&D to the next level with real time analytics and usage data. Your research and development departments have never had this much insight into your appliances in the field - truly understand how and when your machines are being used.
Customer Service

Reduction in support calls

Manage real time KPI's by reducing tech support calls and tickets - allow your users to self-solve issues with their machines via our app.
The MYMA Platform

Our Product.

Using our proprietary data exhaust for our cognitive engine in the cloud, manufacturers can maximise profits and better understand the current appliances already in the field.

£1B is spent annually servicing large goods appliances.

Manufacturers have been in the dark about these machines since they were shipped. How often do your customers just get in touch to tell you how well the machine is working? Not too common right - only when their machine breaks. The myma solution enables you to make better appliances and make your consumers happy by gathering big data.

We're working with.

Connect with your consumers.

Choose myma to bring your appliances to twenty-first century spec - one bit at a time.