Consumer Benefits

Save money, extend the machine's life and get an extended warranty!


Servicing has never been this easy.

Connect directly with the manufacturer with the tap of a button - get your machines serviced using official sources to maintain the warranty.

Extra warranty.

Connecting your appliance to myma will grant you another twelve months on your existing warranty!

Can't remember where you've put the paperwork?

Not a problem - view the manual in the app with a click of a button.

What does E17 mean?

Find out what it means quickly in our app - we can even provide trouble shooting instructions to help get you moving again.
fault detection

Don't let your machine drag you down.

Our machine learning can detect potential faults with your machine, before they become problems - statistics show that predictive maintenance can add an extra two years to your machine's lifespan!

Data, working for you.

Understand your energy consumption, washing frequency and the cost in pounds and pence.

Contact your manufacturer to join our program!